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GTL Limited is energy conscious, environment friendly and a sustainable business organization, which strives to achieve goals of achieving symbiosis with nature, and has been proceeding with efforts toward environmental protection in all aspects of its business activities.

In the last few years, our drive towards sustainability has culminated in a new approach to environment management system. The company has taken great efforts in upholding causes related to environment in all its business endeavors. It is certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series certificates.

The remarkable performance in economic, environmental and social areas has been achieved by consistently moving ahead on a sustainable path and this journey of GTL has won itself many accolades and recognitions, and also was positioned as amongst Top 10 in the Standard & Poor’s ESG Index.

The cornerstone of GTL’s Environment Management is based on the following principles

  • Environment Management System Certification, which gives us a framework for carrying out our activities
  • Statutory & Voluntary Compliances ensure that we comply with all the laws of the land
  • Reduction in Consumption of Natural Resources in carrying out our business activities
  • Green efficiency, to treat in an environment friendly manner the waste we generate
  • Awareness and Education, to inculcate the spirit of Environment protection and management in employees, suppliers and partners

GTL complies to all the requisite conditions to operate. We are proud that not even a single day’s productivity has been lost since its existence due to environmental mishap or non-compliance. No penalties have been imposed due to any sort of non-compliance.

GTL has been abiding by all the legal requirements and no legal action by the Pollution Control authorities in respect of the management of environmental issues / concerns of the industry pending or faced by the company.


Preserving and minimizing consumption of natural resources have become an integral part of the day-to-day activities in GTL operations across the globe.

GTL through its various communication mode educates employees about the environment as well as the best practices relating to reducing electricity, paper and water consumption. For example it has shown how little things like how computer monitors, air conditioning machines, florescent bulbs can result in minimization of resources.


GTL is into service industry and does not generate major hazardous waste. However, to enable more efficient use of raw materials and energy across economy and society at large, we at GTL are continuously looking for ways to either reuse or recycle waste produced as result of our business activities, to the extent possible.


Environmental issues like energy efficiency, natural resource utilization, waste management and climate change are at the top of the agenda for GTL. As GTL employees constitute the core of our organization, it is important that they are aware of GTL’s environmental activities. Several awareness campaigns are created to enable our employees to get actively involved and become energy efficiency ambassadors when talking to our stakeholders.


GTL is certified with ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System certificate since 2005, which prescribes controls for those activities that have an effect on the environment. These include the use of Natural Resources, Handling and Treatment of Waste and Energy Consumption.



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