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GTL's Managed Services allow operators to free themselves from non-differentiating tasks of building and operating the network and focus on their customers and products.Being a vendor and technology agnostic independent Telecom service provider, GTL is uniquely positioned to play a prominent role in Managed Services domain. As GTL's service offerings encompass the entire network life cycle from Network Planning and Design, Build, Optimization, Operations & Maintenance, network operators & OEMs can benefit hugely from our existing competencies.
GTL has a pool of skilled resources with MultiOEM and Multi technology (GSM, CDMA, UMTSWiMAX, LTE) experience, robust framework, highly trained resources and best-practice processes has allowed us to provide each of these activities together under the umbrella of Managed Services for seamless execution and operation of networks.
Managed Network Services Offerings:
GTL’s Managed Network Services offerings are based on the Build-Operate-Manage (BOM) model and offer KPI/SLA based end-to-end services from Network Planning & Design, System Engineering, Installation & Commissioning, System Integration, Optimisation, Network Operations and Field Maintenance.
KPIs include network availability and network performance elements that are specified and jointly agreed with the Network operator. GTL’s service offering is well supported by the industry prevalent tools and processes that significantly enhance the user experience and is the key differentiator. GTL services include following key areas
Case Studies
Professional Services for Network Planning & Design of India’s Leading Telecom Player
Professional Services for Network Expansion of India’s Largest Telecom Player
Professional Services for Network Swap of India’s Leading GSM Operator
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