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Energy is an indispensable resource in any Organization, as well as an increasingly critical cost factor. Better management of energy has thus become vital. Energy management in the changing business scenario needs to consider technology development, planning, optimization, monitoring and dissemination of the energy products and services to the Telecom Operators and OEMs.
In order to provide end-to-end Energy Management services & Solutions to the telecom operators, OEMs and ISPs, GTL has set-up a new vertical i.e Energy Management Services.
GTL’s energy management division will strive to drive a revolution in the field of Telecom infrastructure management by providing tailor made solutions to telecom operators for optimizing their energy usage.
With over 22 years of Project management experience in the area of telecom network engineering and deployment, GTL is uniquely positioned as a one-stop solution provider for large scale Energy Management across the globe for Telco’s.
Take advantage of our energy management services package to reduce your energy costs without capital-intensive investment.
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