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GTL offers a comprehensive suite of Network roll out services that supports every phase of the roll out process. The offerings include Active as well as Passive Infrastructure Services for Wireline & Wireless Domain including GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, Optical Transmission, WiMAX and Broadband Networks.
GTL’s Network roll out services enable customers to roll out their networks efficiently and benefit customers with a shorter time to market, thus improving productivity and maximizing their investments into technology.
With experience from several projects around the world, GTL has a proven track record of timely and successful roll outs to customer satisfaction. Our multi-skilled technicians and professionals combined with our available processes and techniques create turnkey solutions by managing, integrating, installing and testing the customer’s multi-vendor network.
Service offerings:
Case Studies
Managed Services for India’s Largest Telecom Operator
Managed Services for India’s Largest Integrated Telecom Player
Passive Infrastructure Management for India’s Largest Telecom Player
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