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Today, the Human Resources function has made a paradigm shift from being a support function to a core and strategic business partner. In this new role, it works with the executives and the leadership to clarify the business direction and performance expectations, and actively contributes to deciding the tactics required for managing talent to achieve business goals.
In GTL, the Human Resources function shoulders this responsibility perfectly and plays a critical role in realizing business objectives by leading organizational change, fostering innovation and effectively mobilizing talent to sustain the firm's competitive edge.
The roadmap defined by the Human Resources at GTL in response to the rapid changes in the Business scenario in order to fully leverage the human capital is:
GTL will continually strive to:
Develop relationships that celebrate diverse ideas, perspectives and cultures.
Help people realize their potential.
Support a balance between family and work life.
Recognize and reward individual and team achievement.
Provide appropriate working conditions and resources to enable people to do their work.
Respect and be sensitive to the needs of individuals when the employment relationship ends.
Building a high performance culture.
Developing entrepreneurs.
Passion for quality.
Learning Organization.
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