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We have a corporate culture of innovation and healthy competition. Our quest for learning and constant upgradation is backed by an ingenious learning process, with superior quality being an underlying factor in all. This passion to excel comes down to us from our leaders, who themselves have been commended for their pioneering initiatives.
Our passion to excel, our commitment and emphasis to quality in our businesses and processes have won us recognition, and awards to our Chairman and Managing Director. Our association with technology leaders has drawn us to the zenith and our accolades are continuous.
We have attempted to list a few of the recognitions we have received whilst gearing ourselves for more.
  Recognitions to GTL  Accolades from Partners
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Recognitions to GTL
GTL wins “Top Company of the Year”
GTL wins Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Outstanding Achievement Trophy
GTL wins prestigious Greentech Excellence Award
GTL receives "Certificate for Strong Commitment" from CII ITC center for sustainable development
GTL receives the prestigious IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award Performance Excellence trophy
GTL ranked 6th amongst India‘s best 50 companies in S&P ESG Index
GTL Wins Golden Peacock National Training Award 2008
GTL receives the prestigious Greentech Environment Excellence Silver Award 2008
GTL wins Outstanding Contributor to Corporate Responsibility Award from Nokia-Siemens
GTL becomes No. 1 Telecom Turnkey Company of the year in V&D 100 Survey
GTL bags " Excellence in Infrastructure for Connecting people with Disability" award
GTL features amongst Top 10 in the S&P's ESG India Index
GTL honored with Golden Peacock Innovation Award 2007
Pegasus Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 2007
Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Governance 2007
Employer Branding Awards 2007 – Best HR In-line with Business
Recruitment and Staffing Best in Class (RASBIC) Awards 2007
4P's Power Brand Award 2007
Amity Corporate Excellence Award 2007
BSR Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 2006
National Award for Best Disabled Employee of the Year 2006
Best Employer of Blind Persons 2005- from the National Association for the Blind
ICAI Award of High Commendation for Published Accounts 1999
Forbes '200 Best Small Companies of the Year' 2001
Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2002
Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance, 2001
Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2002
Emerging Company of the Year 2000
Commendation from Govt. of Maharashtra, India 1998
Accolades from Partners
GTL receives Global Engineering Partner Award from Huawei
Excellent Progress Award from Huawei
Outstanding Contributor to Corporate Responsibility Award from Nokia-Siemens
Outstanding Achievement Award from Oracle
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