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The quality management program is meant to motivate all the employees towards achieving ever-higher results that could be gauged through personal development, enhanced management abilities and greater profits.
In GTL, managing quality to achieve excellence means managing organization, business or unit so that every job, every process is carried out right first time, every time. We have adopted holistic approach that affects and involves everyone – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society. This was reflected when we received “Golden Peacock National Quality Award” in the service category.
All our future initiatives are geared towards enhancement of GTL Excellence Model, which is planned purposeful approach that causes a gradual change to take place, so that “Business as Usual” becomes “The Implementation of Quality and Excellence” in a near seamless transition. This is an important first stage for our business leaders to be role models of a culture of quality and excellence, so that these ideas permeate with support from the top management.
The excellence model is based on three pillars of framework:
Center of Excellence for business processes
Center of Compliance for core processes
CII Exim for management processes
:: ISO 9001 2015 Certifications
GTL quality initiative has started in achieving ISO 9001 certification for Network Services and key support functions.
The never-ending improvement cycle ensures that we learn from the results, standardize what it does well in our documented system and improve operations and outputs. This is been done in a planned, systematic and conscientious way to create a climate and culture of quality and excellence for the last several years.
We believe in three basic principles, which will never change:
Focus on Customer
Understand the Process
All employees committed to quality and excellence
:: Six Sigma Capabilities
GTL has adopted the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology, based on the Motorola University principles, in order to understand stakeholders’ needs and the disciplined use of facts, data and analysis for improving and reinventing business processes. It was deployed in several of our practices including Network Engineering and other support processes like PO, Account and CS. As a result, we achieved significant tangible and intangible benefits internally: cycle time reduction, defect reduction, timely deliveries, optimized costs and customer satisfaction were the major operational efficiencies derived and going on continually.
Our Six Sigma Wave-2 program was aimed at the following:
Selection of revenue generating processes
Reduction in variability in back-end processes
Standardization of sub-processes
New Six Sigma projects introduced which focuses on Energy Cost Optimization.
:: People’s Initiatives
In GTL, employees are a fundamental building of all quality initiatives. The complexity of most of processes in our organization places them beyond the control of individual, and the only efficient way to tackle process improvement or re-design them is through the use of teamwork. To address people’s issues and to empower them meaningfully, we have adopted the People Capability Maturity Model.
There is no doubt that GTL has consolidated its leadership position in the Network service provider’ market through clearly defined goals and by enforcing a strict quality management plan to reach its objectives. In this enforcement policy, GTL is playing a critical role as a supplier of biggest network services that in practice have paved way to what has come to be known as “invisible management”, that involves all organizational layers in the search of excellence.
TL 9000 Release 5.0 Quality Management System
OHSAS 18001:2007 - Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
ISO 14001: 2015 - Standard for Environmental Management System
ISO 9001: 2015 - Standard Quality Management System for Support Divisions
Quality Policy

Quality policy is central to any ISO certified organization. GTL has a well articulated robust policy. It has been formulated in keeping with the requirements of the standards and as a guide to fulfill the commitments it has made while implementing the system in its processes.

GTL had individual policies with respect to each ISO standard, such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. In the 3rd quarter of 2017, GTL opted to have an Integrated Management System (IMS) which helped implementing all three standards under a single implementation program. Accordingly a single policy namely “QHSE Policy (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment)“ has been formulated.

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